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everGreen Dry Cleaners is the only ‘all-green’ dry cleaner
in the Fort Wayne area

100% green dry cleaning is better for you, your clothes and the environment.
Dwane Bruick, green dry cleaners

The "Big Bang"

Hi, my name is Dwane Bruick. I'm a dentist and own the building I practice in at 6400 Georgetown North Blvd. A dry cleaning business company had leased part of my building adjacent to the dental practice area for years. On a summer day in 2013 we heard a loud bang and minutes later a strange gas was permeating the air inside the dental office. We closed the dental practice for the rest of the day and I began investigating the problem. It turned out that an old perchlorethylene dry cleaning machine had ruptured and released the toxic solvent into the air. Immediately I closed down the cleaners and arranged for removal of their out-dated machine. From that point forward I took ownership of the business and replaced all the old equipment with new green equipment. I opened the business as everGreen Dry Cleaning. The explosion had a silver lining. The building, now, is environmentally safe for customers and employees and will be forever. Its hard to believe so many of these dangerous machines are still in service today. Shame on the companies that are using them!



Using everGreen Dry Cleaners is better for 'YOU' ... There are no harmful chemicals and absolutely no Perchlorethylene (perc) used in our facilities. This makes your dry cleaned clothing safe for you … no bio-hazardous chemicals on your clothes, so no dangerous chemicals leaching into your body creating skin irritations or chemically-induced health issues.



Using everGreen Dry Cleaners is better for 'YOUR CLOTHES'. Your clothes will last 5x longer with 80% less attrition to keep your favorite clothes looking their best and lasting longer. Everyone has special clothes for special occasions. Our chemical processing will not change the subtle colorings of these special garments. Perchlorethylene tends to brown-out and grey-out fabrics over time. The K4 system with our chemicals is very color stable. This is very important for wedding gown preservations. We will keep your favorite fashion forward clothing looking new, feeling soft, and smelling great. Once a garment is cleaned with Perchlorethylene (perc) it will retain traces of perc forever. What we like to tell our customers is "START GREEN AND STAY GREEN."


Using everGreen Dry Cleaners is ‘GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT’ - The chemicals we use to process clothing are not bio-hazardous- plain and simple. They will never contaminate the building or the soil or the water beneath it. The chemicals could simply be poured down the drain with no threat to anyone. We no longer have to deal with the disposal of used solvent. Businesses using perchlorethylene (perc) continue to create environmental problems that are hard and expensive to fix. In the modern world, these days need to be over. Many countries and states have baned the use of perchlorethylene. Hopefully soon INDIANA will follow suit. MAY COST A TINY BIT MORE – BUT IT’S WORTH IT IN THE LONG RUN!

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