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Join the GREEN Team - Professional Dry Cleaning

100% green dry cleaning is better for you, your clothes and the environment. 
Your clothes will be dry cleaned with all new, state-of-the-art equipment. The new equipment does a much better job with natural cleaning. Your clothing will be well-cared for with modern machines by using
earth-friendly chemicals. Your clothes will smell better, look better and feel better. 

What do we mean by "Green?" 

Green means more than what we are not doing; using harsh chemicals, sending harmful waste into the rivers, and making employees breathe in harmful air, etc. Green is all about what we are doing; using bio-friendly solvents and cleaners and providing convenient tote and garment bags made from recycled materials. We keep the use of plastics to an absolute minimum by recycling all that is used. Using energy efficient machinery while cleaning effectively keeps our energy consumption to a minimum. Going “Green” is also good for YOU! Things last longer, smell better, and feel better. That is what we mean by GREEN”.

How is this all possible? SystemK4 has been developed by a German Chemical company. It has a patented non-halogen organic solvent that cleans better than the industry standard, is non toxic, biodegradable and poses NO risk for ground, water, air, and people!

Not only are we green, we are the ONLY green. We only process your clothing one way and only have one price for that service. To have perchlorethylene machines (perc machines) and green machines in the same building would simply not work. BAD IDEA. 

Living "greener" is better for everyone. More people every day are joining the movement and living healthier lives. We are glad to be a small, yet important, nudge in the right direction.

We are your go-to for natural dry cleaners in Fort Wayne!

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